This is just a brief overview of the various types of media products you can implement into your advertising campaign.



30-Sheet Posters (paper)
30-Sheet Wrapped Posters
30-Sheet Wrapped Square Posters
8-Sheet Posters
Spectacular Displays
Wall Murals
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Airport Displays
Bus Displays (interior & exterior)
Subway and Rail Displays (exterior graphics, interior posters & traincards)

Taxi Displays (tops, trunk and interior displays & exterior wraps)
Truckside Displays (sides, tails & headers)
Mobile Displays
Vehicle Wraps (cars, vans & SUVs)
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Bicycle Rack Displays
Bus Bench Advertising
Bus Shelter Panels
In-Store Displays
Telephone Kiosk Displays
Public Service Kiosk Displays
Newsstands and News Rack Displays
Pedestrian Panels
Shopping Mall Displays
Beach Displays
Urban Displays
Trash receptacles
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Airplane Banners
Arenas & stadiums
Barrier Poles
Beach sand impressions
Blimps & Custom Inflatable's
Carton & Cup Advertising
Coffee Mugs
Digital video screens
Dry cleaning bags & hangers
Gas Nozzle Advertising
Golf Cart Advertising
Golf Tee Divider Advertising
Marine Vessel Displays
Movie theatre screens
Parking Garage Displays
Parking Meter Displays
Place Based Displays
Postcard Displays
Roadside logos
Ski Area Displays
Trash receptacles
Coffee Mugs
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