Process Flow Chart
A Brief Overview: From Concept to Completion, Media CanDo will work with you throughout the process of your campaign.
We utilize one of the world's most powerful Media search engines to deliver a proposal that meets your campaign's needs within a timely manner,
via a convenient & state of the art web based technology platform.

What this means for you is quite simply: It's fast, convenient, flexible, and efficient.

See a sample proposal here!

The Radius Search

Trying to locate media in a specific geographic area can be challenging and time intensive. We have a powerful tool to help alleviate that burden.


With our Radius Search you can set-up as many custom locations as needed. With each specific location that you set up you also get to assign a unique search radius (distance in miles) for that location. The results provided from the search will only show media within your requested radius.


This will dramatically reduce the time it takes to find media in your desired target area!


Please note the example below:

One pizza store location has been set up with a three-mile radius search.

The search has yielded twenty-four media results within the requested area.